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Miglevel - Launching our newest feature in Mig33

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Miglevel - Launching our newest feature in Mig33

Post by CuPiD on Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:55 am

Today, we launched migLevels in mig33!

Until now, their has been few ways to show how big a mig33 user you are, except for if you happen to be an Admin. However, going forward, you will have a migLevel, which will reflect your time, usage and importance to the mig33 community. The more you use the wide range of activities in mig33, and the more you help build the community, the higher your level will be.

To start, your migLevel will mostly be based on how long you have been actively using mig33. However, as you use mig33 more, you will gain further levels, and higher status. Over time, your migLevel will give you additional benefits within the community.

So make sure you use the most of mig33. You can find your migLevel (and migbot color) on your profile (and your friends profiles).

Below are some answers to FAQs

Keep migging!

mig33 Team

Q: How long will it take me to get a migBot?
A: If you're an active user of mig33, you should get get a migBot within a week! But the higher the migLevel, the longer it takes.
Q: What will I have to do to get a migBot?
A: We're not telling! Just use mig33 as you normally would - and use it a lot! And you will find out.
Q: How does mig33 know when I have gained a new level?
A: When you do stuff in mig33, you grow toward the next migLevel. When you've done enough cool things for long enough, our system automatically promotes you to your new migLevel.
Q: How does mig33 tell me when I have a new migLevel?
A: Check your Profile often! Your migLevel is always displayed on your Profile.
Q: How long will it take to get to the higher levels?
A: That depends on you, and your activities on mig33.
Q: Can I use credits to gain migLevels?
A: No! migLevels can only be gained through activity on mig33.
Q: Do all activities in mig33 contribute to my migLevel?
A: Bad ones don't.
Q: Can Customer Service change my migLevel?
A: No way!
Q: What migLevel do Admins have?
A: migLevels and Admins are separate. An Admin earns their migLevel like any other user. Also, migPowers and Admin powers do not overlap.
Q: If I attain a very high migLevel, can I become an Admin?
A: People with high migLevels are usually important people in the mig33 community. However, we have not changed the process for selecting Admins.
Q: How did mig33 set user's migLevels at first?
A: All new users from August 2009 start at the lowest level. User who joined mig33 before that were assigned a migLevel based on their time and activities on mig33.
Q: How many levels are there in the migLevel?
A: There are a more than a few. Some have yet to be discovered!
Q: Can I drop to a level below if I am inactive?
A: No
Q: If I get kicked or banned, do I lose my migLevel?
A: Your migLevel is associated with a specific username and cannot be transferred to another username. If a username is banned, then this username will no longer be able to use mig33.
Q: I have multiple IDs - can I combine or move migLevels between them?
A: No
Q: I have been banned unfairly. What do I do?
A: Contact customer service at[/quote]

That just what i get from other Mig33 forum.

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