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How to kick from groupchat !!

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How to kick from groupchat !!

Post by CuPiD on Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:59 am

the way is, by manipulating the groupchat.
A groupchat is the room with different type.
The way to know the room of the group chat
you just create group chat first. After you made it,
turn on again your mig app with the same ids.
When your friends type something, your friend's id will be changed become the room name of the groupchat(in the second mig application)the next step, create room by using the room's name of the Groupchat.
Don't be confused, if you have created, you didn't get out from the room, but the room will become one with the Group chat.
Borrow your friend's mobile phone then enter to the room that you created, it takes the same results (room become one to the group)
after pass through the process,so it results Kick Menu works in the Groupchat.
enter your some nicks into the room. Your friend will be suprised when see the nicks enter to the Group
then just kick out your friends. It appears in your friend's Hp display like they have been kicked from group
ha ha ha ha!

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