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Ban Commands

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Ban Commands

Post by SenioR on Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:04 pm

This is all commands related to banned type:

/mode #channel +b ~T:block:*Nick/symbol* ( ban msg in #channel )

/mode #channel +b ~q:*!*@Host* ( Ban host Ex: /mode #cambodia +b ~q*!*@202.144* )

/mode #channel +b ~n:*!*@* ( People matching these bans cannot change nicks, unless they have +v or higher

/mode #channel +b ~r:*nick* ( Ban RealN Ex: /mode #cambodia +b ~r:*sex* ) unable to join #channel

/mode #channel +b nick!*@* ( Ban nick Ex: /mode #cambodia +b sex_boy!*@* ) ( show: You are banned (#cambodia) )

/mode #channel +b *!iden@* ( Ban iden Ex: /mode #cambodia +b *!sexboy@* )

/mode #channel +b *!*@Host ( Ban host Ex: /mode #cambodia +b *!*@ ) ( use symbol * if want to ban half IP Ex: +b @202.144.5* )

/mode #channel +b *!*@* ( Ban the #channel Can't joined the Channel is +b )


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