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Rumor: Firmware 3.1 arrives on September 17

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Rumor: Firmware 3.1 arrives on September 17

Post by Khmerlife on Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:11 pm

Playing with the latest beta software for iPhone, xvortex, one of the employees iH8sn0w, the tool that allows to perform the Jailbreak the 3.1 beta 3 and for which we have provided a guide here, found that the expiry date Firmware is represented by 18 September.

This means that they are not easily released new beta versions in the coming days. Supposedly the new version of the software may be released during the Apple event in September, but being dedicated to the music we can not be so sure. Learning from the past is somewhat easy to assume that the 3.1 will instead 1 or maximum 2 days before the expiration of the beta.

The only certain knowledge is thus that by the middle of next month, we will install a new software version and of course do not miss the updates in real time.

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